Mar 3
12:10 am
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“Head On North.”

Two current members of The Backwoods, along with one former member and one longtime friend, have a new band called The Losers. Check them out!

Feb 17
9:24 pm
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This is an (incredibly) rough demo of a cover of “Blue Suede Shoes.” We mostly played it for fun, and it definitely was.

Dec 10
3:59 am
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This is exclusive to Tumblr! It’s our single, “Crossroad Blues,” with the album intro, but a different version of said intro, because it’s been censored in case any of y’all have sensitive ears. Enjoy!

Aug 23
12:30 am
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Hey, Matt Harper, drummer extraordinaire (bahahahahaha!!!!) for The Backwoods here. I just mixed this back from beyond the grave. This was recorded on a video camera, and I’ve spent a great chunk of time getting it to a point where it won’t make your ears bleed. I positively love this song (our guitarist/vocalist Matt Brown wrote it some years ago as an acoustic track, we rocked it out when The Backwoods were formed). You guys might all hate it, but that’s okay.

This is “Swallow Your Pride [Live].”

Jul 26
4:10 pm
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The Backwoods

We're a southern rock band located in Greenville, IL. Comprised of Matt Brown on guitar and vocals, Caleb Dossett on bass and Matthew Harper on drums, we're just looking to have some fun playing old school southern rock on a college campus completely devoid of our style of music.